I know you aren't suppose to blow your nose when you have a ruptured ear drum, but what if you do it with a ear plug in & hear a pop but can hear stil?

May delays healing. The reason nose blowing is discouraged is that the perforation heals from the outside in by the very thin inner and outer drum layers. It is missing the tough central layer so if you were to force air into the ear from the nose it could blow the healing layers outward and prevent self repair even if there was an ear plug in place. Over 90% will heal spontaneously.

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Very little popping in ruptured ear drum, I think it's healed, should I still wear ear plugs in shower just to be safe. Slight echo, can hear people.

Ear drum hole. Not having popping does not mean ear drum is necessarily healed. This needs to be examined and hearing tested. Keeping water out of the ear is helpful to prevent infections from developing. Read more...