I'm a 50 year old CNA student and I have some concerning itchy bumps on both breasts that appear to be insect bites and I saw them last night sort of suddenly. I applied a prescription steroid ointment that I have in my home for one of my sons skin condit

Dermatitis . Sounds like allergic or contact dermatitis. Anti allergy medication and steroid cream could be helpful but rarely it could be serious . Consultation with a physician is recommended.
Contact dermatitis. Studies show that detergents dyes and other substances can cause irritant or allergic contact dermatitis. This is best treated with topical or systemic steroids. In severe cases a prednisone taper from 60mg to 0 over 12 days is appropriate. Hydroxyzine can be used for itching TID PRN. Differential diagnosis includes folliculitis, scabies. If itching intense and worse at night may be scabies. .