How do you get lupus?

Immune regulation. One's immune system requires a control center (regulatory lymphocytes etc) to keep it in balance. When the regulation is impaired, immune disorders such as allergic and autoimmune disorders develop. There is also a strong genetic and hormonal influences. Females or people with family history of autoimmune or allergic disorders are at a higher risk to develop these diseases.

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How do you get lupus and can it be cured?

Unknown cause. Lupus(systemic lupus erythematosus)is an autoimmune disease that can affect almost any organ system of the body.Although we know that changes in some genes may put someone at increased risk for lupus, we can't predict who will develop this since it involves an immune system that was at risk that was then hit with unknown environmental trigger(s).It cannot be cured but it can be put into remission. Read more...

How do you get diagnosed with lupus?

On criteria. Diagnosis of SLE is based on multiple criteria and a diagnosis is based on a complete history and physical examination, certain blood tests and radiologic tests. You must fulfill four or more major criteria and some minor to make a diagnosis. There is no one test or procedure that an produce a diagnosis. This I best done by a Rheuymatologist. Read more...