Does hydroxyzine have antipsychotic properties?

Not antipsychotic. We do use hydroxyzine often for anxiety but but not psychosis. That being said, sometimes anxiety can be a cause of psychosis, so in that case if the underlying anxiety was treated it would also help the psychosis. I hope this helps.

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Has Hydroxyzine been, or is currently being used as a Antipsychotic? I read on Wikipedia that it has antipsychotic properties. Thanks.

No. Hydroxyzine is an antihistamine used to treat anxiety and insomnia in a variety of mental health conditions. It is also used to treat seasonal allergies, as well as allergic reactions such as rash and itching. It does not directly treat psychosis, although it may help the agitation and anxiety that can accompany psychotic disorders. Hope this is helpful.
No. Hydroxyzine has no anti-psychotic properties. It is an anti-cholinergic / histamine type medication so is used for allergic reactions. It has the side effect of drowsiness and can be used for sleep or "anxiety" / sleeplessness.

Due to antipsychotics withdrawal I can't sleep. If take hydroxyzine benadryl & trazodone temporarily will my sleep patterns return & need no more meds?

That's too much.. I wouldn't think it prudent to pummel yourself to sleep with all of that. If anything, maybe just 25mg of Benadryl nightly. Although it would be better in the long run if you didn't take anything - would be a lousy few days but in the end your sleep would be more natural and spontaneous.