Is there a better pain relief for fibromyalgia I take tramadol but only at night or if I have a bad flare up I exercise to try and ease the pain?

Several. Tramadol is a mild narcotic agent and is used for treating many different types of pain. There are currently three drugs fda-approved for treatment of fibromyalgia: lyrica, cymbalta, & savella (milnacipran). Others used include neurontin, elavil, & effexor. They are not habit-forming like narcotics & are better for longterm use. Exercise is effective pain control & also keeps you functional. Cheaper too!
Other options exist. Research has shown that tramadol can help reduce the pain of fibromyalgia syndrome [fms] especially when combined with acetaminophen. The United States food and drug administration [fda] has not evaluated tramadol as a treatment for fms. The fda has approved three other medications for fms treatment. All three are known to reduce fms pain, but individual responses can vary.