Is 37 aged woman too old to have a baby?

Definitely not. Age does increase your risk of chromosomal abnormalities, like down's syndrome. There is also increased risk of miscarriage and twins. Older women who don't have high blood pressure, diabetes and are not overweigt can do well. I had my kids at 38 and 40. Check with your doctor.
No. More and more women are delaying childbearing and the number of pregnancies after the age of 35 and even 40 have increased. There is an increased chance for pregnancy complications and for genetic anomalies (down syndrome and others) as a woman ages. A woman's fertility is decreasing as she ages. Fertility drops notably by the age of 37, and signifcantly more by the age of 40.
No. Most 37 year olds are able to get pregnant and will have a healthy baby. A few will be unsuccesful, and some may undergo treatment depending on her specifics. If you are 37 years old now and want a child, i recommend talking soon with a reputable physician/specialist who can help you look at options.