My two month old spits up every time he eats. He is breast fed only, and gaining fine. What can I do to stop this? And should I be worried?

Doctor to evaluate. If a young, refluxing baby is already taking zantac, (ranitidine) getting burped, being held upright (with nothing pressing on the tummy), the question becomes: is there good growth and no pain? If the baby is happily growing despite spitting every feeding, it may be ok to keep watching with the pediatrician. Sometimes one can try switching to small, frequent bottle feedings to regulate the intake per feeding.
Reassurance. I'd like to watch your baby feed, and see how much he spits up. It sounds like it's perfectly normal. Some women have a strong milk ejection reflex and babies must learn to handle the quick, large volume of milk; i expect this will occur in the very near future. Please don't stop nursing-it's the best for your baby.