I have a chestpain. Lately I think I'm depress. Could it be the cause. And what kind of medicine can makr me relax?

See doctor. Although depression/anxiety can be a cause of chest discomfort, i wouldn't assume that without getting a proper evaluation. Please see your doctor to discuss this. Furthermore if you have depression or are feeling very stressed, this is also something to discuss with your doctor. Some stress-reduction techniques can include breathing techniques, meditation, journaling, yoga, therapy and more.
Be careful... Chest pain can be a symptom of a serious illness including heart problems. It's best to ensure with a doctor that what you're feeling is not a medical problem. Assuming that it is isn't, there are several medications that help with anxiety. These include benzodiazepines (like xanax) and antidepressants (like zoloft). Therapy can also help anxiety and supplement or be used instead of meds.