Is there a link between constipation and water retention?

Yes, but. Constipation is by definition decreased stool output. The delay of stool passage to the outside allows the colon to reabsorb water that was destined to be excreted out of the body. However, constipation by itself should not be the cause for increased fluid retention of the body as long as the kidneys are normal and able to excrete water as needed. Pay good attention to your salt and fluid intake.

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When eating gluten products I develop bloating, constipation, and water retention. Could I have gluten sensitivity, or celiac's disease?

Gluten sensitivities. Wheat or gluten sensitivities include a wide spectrum of presentations from well-defined celiac disease to other vaguely defined conditions like ibs-like symptoms, and problems outside of the gut like gluten ataxia or peripheral neuropathy. Since it is complicated, a good history taken by your physician with supporting tests might me helpful to tell if you have sensitivities or allergy to wheat. Read more...