Thoughts on safety and efficacy of major autohemotherapy for chronic lyme disease. This treatment has been recommended along with silver iv.

Very promising but.. Major autohemotherapy using ozone is a cutting-edge treatment which is more widely used in Europe but a growing # of innovative docs in the US are offering it. I'm not aware of research on it for Lyme but there are studies showing it to be safe and effective for macular degeneration, Hep C, eczema and other conditions and many case reports of success in chronic Lyme. See
Unscientific unsafe. The treatments mentioned are not accepted by mainstream physicians as helpful, and may be harmful. Since Lyme disease can present with a whole host of symptoms, there are tens of thousands of patients who have convinced themselves they have Lyme disease. There are many practitioners of alternative medicine who convince these patients to take expensive unproven treatments.>>>