I have a small chicken bone caught in my throat. When I eat it feels like it is going down.....but later it feels like it has worked it's way back up?

See below. If you indeed have a small chicken bone caught in your throat. It will probably not come back up. You may have scratched your throat on the way down giving you a sensation that the bone is still there. If the bone is small enough it should pass through the gastrointestinal tract and out into your stool. If the bone is larger it can sometimes lead to significant challenges and possibly even surgery. If the discomfort persists I would encourage you to see your family physician. If it's causing acute pain I would suggest you go immediately to the emergency room. Most foreign objects will pass if they're small enough. But be cautious and don't ignore any type of abdominal pain. Thanks for the question hopefully this was helpful to you. If you have additional concerns I can help you with feel free to go to healthtap.com and type in Steven Ferguson M.D. CMD in the ask box at the bottom of the page.