I've had patella maltracking in the past and have it again...Where can I find knee strengthening exercises specifically for this...Cant afford pt?

Patellofemoral exerc. This is a nice guide with pictures that i printed off for a friend in the past: http://www.Permanente.Net/homepage/kaiser/pdf/6946.Pdf ..... Patella maltracking causes patellofemoral syndrome, so exercises for patellofemoral syndrome would be helpful for patella maltracking (for your internet searching leisure).
Core Exercise. Maltracking has different meanings to different doctors and patients ranging from dynamic to structural. Therefore, at this point a more general term to use is "anterior knee pain". It is important to have a specific diagnosis from an expert, so treatment can be optimized. There are some basic exercises to start at the patellofemoral foundation web site: http://www.Patellofemoral.Org/exercises.Htm.