Hi, I'm taking pregnacare, vitamin e 400iu, folic acid 800mcg. I'm planning to conceive, are these supplements all safe together, thanks.

Unecessary. Pregnacare contains 400mcg Folic Acid, which is the amount recommended to take before and during conception to reduce the risk of neural tube defects. It is not necessary to take more or Vitamin E supplement as well. Take care and best wishes!

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I m trying to concieve for 5 months. Is it ok to take folic acid and vitamin E together? Started this month. Also going to start vitamin a.Is it ok?

Yes. also... Multivitamins contain all vitamins together, so it is safe to take folic acid, e & a. Consider a good prenatal multiple. However, a should be limited to 6000 iu as higher doses may be harmful in pregnancy. Don't worry about the 5 months- average time to conceive is 6 months & no need for concern unless a year goes by. Taking rhodiola rosea may speed things along. Good luck! Read more...