Testing for amyloidosis. Two 24-hr urine protein labs both showed protein 6.3mg/dl. 1st test was 140mg/24hrs from volume of 2225ml of pee. 2nd test was 129.2mg/24hrs from 2050ml pee. Both in range, but if peed more would have been over limit. Worry?

No worries please. The test results take into account the concentration of protein in the urine, not just the amount. If you had consumed more fluids and made more urine, the total amount of protein would be the same even tho there was more urine. Example: if you have a cup of salt water and add more water to it, the water will be less salty but the total amount of salt will stay the same.
Not total protein. Total urinary protein does not diagnose amyloid. Urine needs to be examined for monoclonal immunoglobulins in general and monoclonal light chains in particular. Volume of urine is not relevant.