I'm dizzy when walking and sitting/ laying down and have cold feet and warm neck and forehead. Plus stuffy head feeling... Is this the flu?

Probably not. If you have no fever, aches, this is a vasovagal syncope episode or fainting feeling that occurs when your blood pressure falls. This occurs when dehydrated or fast change of position. Change position slowly and hydration is important and the symptoms should calm down.

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I think I have the flu got a high temp aching all over feeling dizzy loss appetite head ache and cough?

Possible. You can get tested for flu with a swab test at your doctor's office for a definitive diagnosis. For most healthy folks, only sysmptomatic treatmewnt is needed for flu. You shoulkd plan to get Fu shot to prevent infections again, which is quite safe and recommended for most folks. Feel better. Read more...