I have been three times in the spine surgery spinal stenosis incl. Why do I fall down a lot? Claudia

Many possibilities. I assume your previous surgeries were lumbar. If you have weakness in your legs, this can lead to falls. In addition, it is pretty common for people with lumbar spinal stenosis to also have cervical spinal stenosis. This can cause myelopathy-pressure on the spinal cord. Myelopathy can cause unsteadiness of walking and frequent falls.
Myelopathy? While spinal surgery can help relieve the pressure on your spinal cord, it takes time and rehab to gain what you have lost back. You may also have some loss of proprioception which could be causing balance issues. You should get evaluated by a physical therapist.
Balance? You should get evaluted by physical therapy to ensure that you don't have balance issues. Could be due to lack of proprioecption(feet knowing where they are) or some other reason.

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