What is the definition or description of: Islet cell carcinoma?

Pancreatic islets. Islet cell tumors of the pancreas represent the second form of lesion, the first representing lesions of ductal origin that lead to the classic pancreatic carcinoma, most frequently arising in the head.
The second group of tumors, those of neuroendocrine origin arise in clustered cells known as islets and which are mainly benign When malignant they spread with a survival of about 5%

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I've developed islet cell carcinoma. What should I be watching out for in the future?

Difficult to say. Islet cell tumors are rare forms of cancer that arise in the endocrine tissues of the pancreas. They can secrete a variety of hormones, including insulin, glucagon, gastrin, and vasoactive intestinal peptide, resulting in a myriad of clinical syndromes. However, the majority are not associated with a hormonal syndrome, and therefore, yours may have been detected incidentally. I need more info. Read more...