24s old - sharp pain under left breast pain under left side under rib hurts and sharp pain about belly button?

Get checked. There are many causes for this from a simple strain to infections, kidney problems. intestinal issues. The best thing to do is see your doctor or ER they can do a few simple tests maybe chest x ray to rule out any problems.

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Woke up twice from burning sensation in upper abdomen, ribs, and lower part of left breast. Pain lasted 15 sec. Or so. PCP says heart ok. Ideas?

Rib pain. Pain in the area you describe could be heartburn especially if you were asleep. Reflux can make the acid go up you esophagus and once you sat up, it went back down. It it was sharp, occsionally we can get an inflammation of the rib(s) where the bone and cartilage join called costochondritis. Medications such as Motrin or Aleve (naproxen) taken for several days should help this. Read more...