Every morning for the last month I have wokeb up with a really sore throat, mucus and a head ache but it dissapears around lunch time. Why is this?

Sleep apnea? The sore throat and mucus suggest excessive snoring (your bed partner can verify this) and the headache suggests low oxygen levels and/or high co2 levels. This is suggestive of obstructive sleep apnea. You definitely need to see a doc for this and maybe have a sleep study to diagnose and possibly start treating this.
Sinus? The headache and sore throat can suggest sleep apnea. But the mucus is not part of that and suggests primarily sinusitis with post nasal drip. Esophageal reflux and chronic bronchitis are other possible causes.

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How come I have had a bloody nose since last week every morning with a slight headache and a sore throat?

Could be a sinus . Infections amongst other thins that are more serious. I would get yourself evaluated by your physician soon. Read more...

Sore throat, headache, blocked nose, sore eyes, bloody mucus, what are these symptoms of?

Many causes. These are a variety of symptoms that some call masquerading symptoms of a couple dozen illnesses from mild to serious. These may include common cold, acute sinusitis allergic reaction, strep throat drug allergy, even gerd or esophageal reflux can cause these symptoms must see your internist or family dr. Read more...