What is the definition or description of: Blood in urine?

Here are some ... Blood in urine is called hematuria, which is clinically classified into 2 groups: gross hematuria, seen with naked eyes, and microhematuria, defined as having >3-5 red blood cells /ml from spun urine. For their significance, go to formefirst.com/eNewsletter06.html. More? Contact wwwlHealthTap.com/dr-Lin with RQPWJC to login.

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What is the definition or description of: trace blood in urine?

Microscopic amounts. The urine should be totally clear -- no blood, no pus. Small amounts of blood could be seen in the urine of normal people (marathon runners and truck drivers who constantly pound the kidneys up and down). Usually, though, blood in the urine may indicate trouble like stones, bladder infection, cancer, or other pathology that may need to be investigated. Read more...