Is it normal to bleed when you are 5 weeks pregnant?

Report any bleeding. If a woman has had a positive pregnancy test and begins to bleed, there is concern about threatened miscarriage. A visit to an obgyn for evaluation and at some point an ultrasound can provide additional information. Even if the pregnancy progresses, there is an increased risk of bleeding again. See my guides to bleeding in pregnancy for more.
Needs evaluation. There could be many different causes of the bleeding at this point, including infection, trauma, ectopic pregnancy (in which the baby grows somewhere other than the inner wall of the uterus), or even a miscarriage. Any vaginal bleeding during pregnancy should be evaluated by your ob.
No. During pregnancy never occurs vaginal spotting or bleeding. Women cannot have a menstrual period and being pregnant at the same time. If this happens it means that there is a problem like threatening abortion that requires pt to be on rest and get evaluated by an obstetrician, .