Hi Doc. I suspect that I have meningitis because of the symptoms. But I have no fever and my wbc falls within normal range. Does that rule out meningitis? I feel the symptoms for long time now. Head ache, face numb cheek, stiff neck, numb arms. But I

Cant be for so long. Meningitis is not without fever unless it is part of an auto-immune syndrome. With no fever and with normal white count this is not acute meningitis. This may be an auto-immune condition. You need to see a doctor and have lab work done.

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Can meningitis go away? Ii had a stiff neck and fever/headache for a day but feel fine now. Head hurts sometimes though. Or could it be my posture?

Those. Symptoms do not mean meningitis. You have to rule it out by running tests including spinal fluid. I think it is more posture related like you said from your line of work or staying in the computer too long. Always see your doctor if condition worsened.Relax and get enough sleep 8 hours at least! Read more...

Is it normal to have a stiff neck with a cold? Or do I have meningitis? I can touch my chest with my chin. I have no fever or headache

Meningitis. From what you describe, meninigitis is very unlikely. This is usually accompanied by headache, fever, photo and phonophobia, nausea and vomiting, neck stiffness as determined by a trained observer, alterations in sensorium and neurological function and other signs and symptoms. Since cannot diagnose over the internet if you remain concerned please go and see a doctor. Read more...