What are my risks if I get plastic surgery in another country?

What are your rights. Well if you can remain in the country until satisfactorily healed and the vast majority of problems have resolved, it may be fine. If all goes well, you have no concerns other than implant warranties, etc. If something goes bad, where will you be? Can you travel back for follow up? If you have a question, who will be able to answer. If you have a problem, who will fix it?
Many!   for starters, your physician may not be appropriately qualified to perform the procedures. Next, you cannot be sure about the purity and quality of any drugs/medications you receive. Both here and abroad, i would recommend you only seek consultation with board-certified physicians, and have procedures performed in an appropriately accredited facility.
Plastic Surgery. Getting plastic surgery performed other countries is a common practice, but risky and ill-advised. When abroad there are no regulations and legal ramifications when standard of care and quality control is not met. Additionally, follow up visits and surgeon care in the postoperative period is sacrified. When dealing with your health and body, cheaper is not necessarily better.
Many. There are many inherent risks to having plastic surgery abroad. First, you may not know the training and qualifications of the person performing your surgery or administering your anesthesia . Next, you may not know the type of facility or accreditation required of the facility you are being operated in. Also, you will not have regular follow up, which can become a problem if a complication arises.
Complications. As others stated, the risks are generally the same, but follow up care is significantly compromised, and if you have a problem you will have to find a surgeon here to care for you, which could get expensive.
Varied. There are many well trained plastic surgeons abroad. The difficulty is finding them. Problems you might encounter abroad include language barrier, lack of follow up for complications, and difficulty traveling. It may be difficult for you to ascertain proper certification of the physician, facilities, and other healthcare personnel.
Need follow-up care. There are risks with any plastic surgery procedure. If you travel to another country to have it performed, who will be performing your follow-up care? If you have a complication, who will care for you? What is the training of the surgeon, anesthesiologist, and staff? What happens if you develop a complication while abroad? These are the issues you have to consider in advance.
Complications. There are several concerns: 1. Is the surgeon trained at the same quality standards as in the u.S? How about the anesthesiologist? 2. Is the hospital up to the same quality standards as in the u.S? How can you be sure? 3. What happens if you have a complication? What are the extra costs? Who looks after you if the complication shows up after you get home? 4. What if you're not happy?
Complications. Complications such as bleeding, infection, scarring and even death are a small but very real possible risk of any surgery. Managed appropriately the morbidity of any unexpected complications is minimal. Having surgery in another country makes appropriate follow up and management of these possible complications difficult at best.
Don't do it. Why travel out of the country for plastic surgery? To save money? Why is is less expensive overseas? The cost savings are in cheaper supplies, less regulation, no cost of malpractice insurance and possibly cutting corners.
Many. Don't do it. Not worth the savings. No recourse if complications or bad results.
Out of country. Plastic surgery can be cheaper if all goes well. I often see complications from such adventures. The costs to deal with them escalate tremendously. How many people can afford to either stay abroad or return to deal with even the most minor problems?
There are good . Plastic surgeons in other countries and if everything goes well, great! if not, you may have trouble finding help here or end up paying much more. If they don't speak your language, it may be impossible to achieve informed consent.
Recovery period. Highest risks include the immediate post op period and treatment of complications. You do not want to be recovering in airports or on a plane. Also risks of infection with resistant bacteria. Use of non FDA products or implants is also an issue.
Many. Although there are many reputable plastic surgeons in other countries, i would be concerned about your “odds” of finding the best quality work etc. Of course, complications can arise no matter where the procedure is performed; lack of follow-up and attention to these complications may be a major issue. Be careful….
Similar to here. Risks of surgery done in another country are similar to risks here. However, you may have trouble finding anyone in the US to take care of you if you have a complication.
Research. Definitely do your research before you make such a brave move. Find online forums and see what other patients say and their experiences. Remember, no where in the world has such a strict and litigious healthcare system like the us. Its bad for us doctors because we can get sued easily but good for patients, theyre more protected!