Long history of very heavy drinking. Ultrasound 16 Mnth ago showed fatty liver all else norm. Been abstinent 5 months. Is cirrhosis unlikely? Thanks.

Cannot say. To diagnose cirrhosis, u need a liver biopsy. While newer blood tests & Radiology tests (like MRI vibro-elastography) purport to accurately predict cirrhosis, most physicians would not look upon these results as conclusive - only the biopsy would confirm & stage the degree of cirrhosis. Talk to a hepatologist / GI doctor or your doctor for more info. Thanx for asking HealthTap & good luck!
Happy for you. The benefits of sobriety go far beyond your simply having escaped cirrhosis. Better health, better friends, better brain, more effective at everything you do, enjoying all this things alcohol robbed you of. Be glad and enjoy your new life. Expect normal liver health.