2y/o having itchy rashes all over the body. Rashes disappeared yestrday and came back this morning. Could this be due to food allergy?

Yes. Food sensitivities are closely related to skin rashes in children and aduls. An itchy rash suggests allergic rash or dermatitis, or eczema tours rash. A hydration with lotions and steroid creams will alleviate the symptoms. But if the symptoms are ongoing i suggest having your child tested for food sensitivities and trying some diet elimination trials.

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Puffy under eye, itchy rash under arms, congested. Slow onset. Lasted only noon till next morning. No food allergy. I work at day care center.

Has this resolved? Sounds like an allergy- maybe a cream or perfume/body spray/detergent or something that you touched with your fingers (then touched your eye/arms, etc.). If you are not taking other medicines and are not allergic, Benadryl (diphenhydramine) can be helpful. You should see a doctor if symptoms persist. Think about anything new you may have been exposed to- whether at the day care or at home. Read more...