Nasal steroid sprays for rhinitis/thick PND, give me perioral dermatitis. Tried antihistamines, montelukast, ipratropium, PPIs as alternative. Ideas?

Saline. Irrigate 2-3 times daily with saline (via neti-pot or squeeze bottle). This is step one. Otherwise, physical exam and history are needed to determine rhinitis subtype (allergic, vasomotor, infectious, etc.). Good luck!

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How can I avoid nasal steroid sprays giving me perioral dermatitis? Started after 1 yr of use. No other medication helps for my chronic PND/rhinitis.

I don't see . a relationship between perioral dermatitis and steroid nasal spray! Please see your doctor or dermatologist for help. As for your PND/rhinitis, you don't want to go for a year on the same medication without doctor's supervision, you may need other medicine/intervention, best wishes . Read more...