I'm 35, 5'8". I'v got issues with Colitis & elev Bili. From mid April, On Home diet. NO junk food, LOW Oil/Fat/Poult, Good Curb/Fibr, No Alc/Soda, NO Meat, Mid Sugar. I lost 17lbs (218-201)now. HB-14+, Lipid, PanCr, All Blood Work-OK. WGT loss Ok or Major sick??

I am concerned. My first concern would be to rule out ulcerative colitis with sclerosing cholangitis. You need to be under the care of a competent physician who can advise you, with more information than you have shared, whether endoscopy and/or liver biopsy is indicated.
Good job. so far. Generally for situations like this I recommend GLUTEN/DAIRY/SOY free diet. For 2 weeks, only soft-cooked foods, no salads, even fruit must be cooked, nothing cold or spicy, primarily vegan. These are general thoughts that may help some. You do need professional guidance. See my website = www.thepmc.org. HRS, MD, FACC.