How do you lose weight fast and healthy?

Control-IT. Control-it by biotics helps clean the body and weight loss i'n a healthy way.
Physician guidance. The best is to see a doctor who speciailizes in this field. Simple way is to cut 500kcal per day for each one pound per week you want to lose.

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How do you lose weight fast and really healthy?

Eat less ; exercise. The key to losing weight is not a temporary diet but permanent changes. Sugars ; simple carbs from grains esp. Cause weight gain. It's also wise to avoid fried foods. I like dr. Furhman's diet: http://bit.Ly/1dhw9ht dr. Weil has useful info: http://huff.To/19ygs8y- see his "discuss that" link in his article. Exercise is also important! it's also best to choose organic foods:http://bit.Ly/19xax7e. Read more...