When I try to sleep my muscle feels like shock and move, it wokes me up. I did an EEG it was normal. Could it be myoclonus? Should I worry?

Explanation. This is good that EEG is normal. Possible it related to low Ca in your body if you exercise a lot. Try any Ca tablets daily for 2-3 weeks. And Tonic water. Sometimes this very helpful. .
Restless leg. You likely have restless leg syndrome which is usually relieved with voluntary movements. Talk to your doctor about a medication to control it.
Restless legs. This is likely restless leg syndrome, and it can be effectively treated with several medication (discuss the options with your doctor). Some things that make it worse are drinking alcohol, not stretching after exercise, and anxiety. Try cutting out alcohol, stretching after exercise and before bed, and relaxation techniques, first. Then speak to your doc about medications.