28 yo clear colonoscopy and endoscopy, and all full blood work that came back normal as well. Could pancreatic cancer be causing my low abdomen pain?

Highly unlikely. Put your mind at ease. Pancreatic cancer is rare below age 45. The pain of pancreatic cancer usually is in the pit of the stomach, not the lower abdomen, and radiates around to the sides and/or straight thru to the back. It may be intermittent and made worse by eating or lying supine. It is frequently worse at night. Lying in a curled or fetal position may improve the pain.

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Pancreatic cancer? I had a pancreatic protocol ct/hida/liver, pancreas, CBC blood test/stool test/colonoscopy. All perfect. I still have light/yellow stool

Stop worrying. You have nothing to worry about except that fact that you are still a smoker, which i hope you'll stop. If everybody with light-colored stools consumed health-care dollars searching for pancreatic cancer, it'd be a huge waste. Evidently you're not even jaundiced. Please stop reading internet scare stuff, look for another cause of your abdominal pain ; stop reading internet scare stuff. Read more...