Can a severe panic attack elevate troponin levels (0.12) in an otherwise healthy 34 year old male with no personal/family history of heart disease?

Yes, it can. Hi, thanks for the question. There are many different situations that can place enough stress on the heart to elevate troponins in the blood, including panic attacks and emotional stress. I would suggest you visit your doctor for an EKG and to schedule a stress test to help evaluate the vessels that supply your heart with blood. And if you experience chest pain, don't hesitate to go to your ER!

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I lost family due to cancer and heart disease. Now I have panic attacks thinking I have cancer or heart disease. Any meds to help me? My dr told me no.

Phobia. Being afraid of cancer and heart disease is understandable for close relatives of people who have died of such conditions. Psychotherapy may help and would be the treatment of first choice. In extreme cases, SSRI medications can help. As with all cases of panic attacks, a medical cause should be ruled out first, a full evaluation with a primary care physician is the first step.
I am sorry to hear.. .about your family. I suggest you talk to your physician to discuss several things: first, if your family history is very significant, maybe you need a visit with a specialist in risk assessment and genetics. Second, he/she can discuss healthy lifestyle habits you should adopt while still young. Finally, and not less importantly, you may need help coping with anxiety.....

I read that ppl with panic disorder who have frequent panic attacks are at much higher risk for heart disease. Why? Does adrenaline damage the heart?

Controversial. Hi This is actually a very controversial issue. Although there are some studies that show association, they do not clearly indicate causality. Excessive amounts and prolonged exposure to "adrenaline" or stimulant medications/drugs are known to damage the heart but panic attacks themselves are not known to cause this level of exposure. Hope this helps.