Just had a sudden numbness in back of neck, face, shoulder, chest, arm...all on left side...still numb over an hour?

Urgent evaluation . Numbness or weakness on one side of the body lasting more than one hour could possibly signs of a stroke. You should go to the nearest emergency room ASAP.

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Left arm/neck/shoulder still tingling, painful, mild numbness. 4 days. Tingling now in my left face and left chest. Thoughts? Waiting on neuro reply.

Neurologist. If you can't obtain an appointment with a neurologist during these symptoms, you should go to the hospital emergency room where you will get prompt evaluation and testing including a brain ct scan or mri and a neurologist will be called in for consultation. I would be concerned about right sided cerebral cortical pathology such as a vascular blockage or a demyelinating process like multiple scler. Read more...

What causes only numbness (no tingling at all, just feeling then all of a sudden numbness), in both legs, right arm, right side of face and neck?

Numbness . In young patients, demyelinating disorders is always a consideration. Other autoimmune disorders, or vitamin deficiencies may need to be excluded. Check with your physician for proper history and physical examination. This is the best way for an accurate diagnosis and treatment. Consider consultation with a neurologist. Hope you feel better soon. Read more...