Left calve is a bit swollen, below the knee and above the ankle, was also having what appeared to be swollen area on the knee, felt puffy which seems to have receded a bit and feels like a knot. Just curious what this could be.

Be seen. While there are multiple potential causes, one possible cause is a blood clot, and because that is potentially life threatening, you would be well served to be seen and have this ruled out.
Any time your calf. is swollen it would be prudent to rule out a DVT or blood clot. This could kill you. Once this is ruled out….you have time to figure out the etiology if it wasn't a clot.
Leg symptoms. like that indicate the need for you to visit your doctor. It could be a variety of things including sprain, bug bite, clot. It is important to identify the cause and then treat it. Peace and good health.