I have blood clots in my urine from a ureter stent should I go tot he er?

Okay as long as... Seeing grossly bloody urine even with few clots could be expected but will light up over time and is okay as long as being able to void with not much discomfort. For possibly stent-related symptoms, you may ask your urologist if unbearable. So, usually, yo do have to go to ER for such as long as you understand and realize what are the realistic expectation after ureteral stent for various reasons.
Hematuria. Why do you have a urinary catheter? I recommend going to the ER if it did not already resolve.

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Is having a pretty strong burning in bladder normal after my ureteral stent was removed yesterday. Urines brown with blood clots?

Possible, but... After stent removal, some irritation in peeing is expected but should ease to fade over 1-3 days. As to having clots in urine, it may last off and on until the healing of mucosa of ureter & bladder is completed. If not fading away as usually expected, one still needs to rule out possible UTI. So, if bearable, just watch, wait, and see; if not, seek evaluation, care, & counseling, Read more...