Not a drinker. My UltraSnd says Mild enlarged & fatty liver. I'v High biliru- 2.1 (Dir-0.5, InD-1.6).SGPT/SGOT- just high. ALP - OK, Proteins - OK. Lipid Profile - OK. PanC - OK. ESR -8, CBC- Normal, Blood Sug - Ok, Kidney -OK. No Hep B/C. Is it Serious?

NASH. Please read about NASH It leads to cirrhosis of liver Should see and follow up with gastroenterologist as there is new drug available for NASH/ fatty liver Also drink 2-3 cups of black Coffey ( no sweetener/ no milk/cream) daily .
Large fatty liver. What were your lipids? What is your B12? vgetarian? Increased bili is seen in low B12 and NAFLD is associated.. Also unconjugated bili is from hemolysis ( meds or G6PD-middle east), B- thalessemia( congenital), medications, diseases affecting conjugation( Gilbert's-Mediterranean ) Exposed to chemicals? carbon tetrachloride medications? gemfibrizol? Would avoid tylenol (acetaminophen) f/u/ w /doc.