2002 I was thrown on floor & my neck & head hit a metal device. No issues then. Now having pain & stiffness in neck & shoulder blades & headaches

Cervicalagia. This can be from cervical disc disease or muscle spasm s which may not be related to injury .
Could B related but- U have not said how long ago this happened. If it was months ago I would say not related. If recent, then U could have a cervical strain which will give all these symptoms. Same as a whiplash, the trapezius attaches 2 the base of the scull, or occipital. Tightness is felt widespread due 2 it's attachments. Occipital-scapula-2 as far as about T-12..all areas of complaints R covered by this muscle.
Recommendation . Most likely this is new problems, and if this problem will exist more than one week you need evaluation. Make appointment with a Doctor .