I'm 10wks s/p part hip repl after I fell &fxd my hip. 2 fu w surgeon-all xrays normal at 8 wks. No walker after 4 wks. Now I have severe pelvic/groin pain, can't do leg lifts very hard to walk. Pain is constant.51yo fem. FMLA [email protected] days, help!

It appears you may have a pelvic stress fracture . Frequently groin pain is due to a pubic ramus fracture. Has anyone recommended a bone scan? A CT scan or MRI might also be helpful .
Ask your surgeon... How to continue the process of rehabilitation after hip replacement after the allowed time under FLMA? Most likely, you may get an extension as long as your surgeon is willing to document and support your need; so, talk with your surgeon. Of course, you need to do your part to facilitate recovery. How? Peruse the articles in http://www.formefirst.com/Basics-SelfImprovement.html.