My little toe nail is split down close to.the middle and looks like the one side is gonna come off and not the other part no change color or trama ?



Many times that split on the fifth toe or baby toe is not a toenail at all. That split on one side is hardened skin the same as a corn. While the rest of the mail is intact. The corn on the side of the nail is caused by a small bone inside the baby toe. Care includes, trimming or padding or a piece of bone can be removed. Or the baby tneeds to be rotated into a straightened position.thank
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It may be.....

I have seen this a number of times and more often than not, the nail IS NOT SPLIT, but there is a very hard corn in the corner of the nail. This occurs when the toe is rotated and you get pressure when walking. The corn is from pressure from an underlying prominence of bone. It is just so hard and dry that people often think they have a double nail. See a podiatrist to be sure.
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