Have a hole below my breasts. I searched a condition called pectus excavatum that looks very similar to mine but is that in between chest? What is it?

Pectus excavatum.... Pectus excavatum is a defect in the sternum, the bone in the middle of your chest. In this defect, the sternum looks "caved in"-the sternum is lower into the chest. This occurs midline. Not sure this is what you are describing so it would be a good idea for your doctor to examine you to diagnose your condition and treat if needed. Good luck!
Yes. It is genetic and nothing to worry. If severe it can be surgically corrected but it is major surgery. If you do nothing you will be fine. .

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I have this problem in the middle between my breasts and I think it's pectus excavatum, what to do?

Possible pectus. You should seek consultation with a pediatric surgeon with expertise in the management of congenital chest wall malformations. Adult patients with pectus excavatum can also be evaluated by thoracic surgeons. Read more...

Can my pectus excavatum have to do with my breast size? I'm very small breasted and I have a pretty intense dip between my breasts know as pe.

Generally not. The breast size is not normally affected by pectus excavatum. However, having smaller breasts make the pectus more noticeable. Thanks for trusting HealthTap! Read more...