Parents suspect brain injury in 2 year old girl with developmental delays and hypertonia from birth. Neurologist refuse's mri. What can be done?

Second opinion. . If unsatisfied with current care please seek a second opinion.
Depends on issues. I am sure you could get someone to order a study if you were willing to pay out of pocket. The type and add-ons (CT-MRI-contrast agent-vascular study) would depend on what they were looking for. An MRI may not provide any specific information that would change the plan for treatment. Insurance plans, including medicaid, will not pay for the test unless it matches their guidelines.make some calls.
Diminished oxygen. Can alter fetal brain development from 3 wks. Post-conception till post-delivery. Significant perinatal events present as hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy in a newborn. Developmental/ behavioral pediatricians review pregnancy, labor & delivery + baby's birth & medical records, pre- & post-natal head/ body growth & family history in evaluating for genetic & other medical causes of dd & hypertonia.