I recently had a root canal it has been 9 days. I am currently experiences odd twinges ,the tooth is not sensitive to cold or heat ,why is this?

Root canal therapy. The tissues around the tooth can sometimes takes a few weeks to heal after a root canal procedure. We generally recommend waiting about 2-4 weeks for symptoms to resolve after a root canal procedure. If your symptoms do not resolve, please contact your dentist for an evaluation. .
Sensitivity. May be due to ongoing healing process in the tissues surrounding the tooth, the need for a bite adjustment (filling may be high), or residual infection. Contact the Dentist or Root Canal Specialist (Endodontist) who did your treatment. Reevaluation may be indicated.
Root Canal Symptoms. Good day; The tooth in question may require a slight adjustment of the bite. However, give the tender tooth a few more days, notice if the symptoms diminish in frequency and intensity, if not contact your DDS.