Painful cervical spine?

Ubiquitous. Degenerative neck and back pain is akin to wrinkles in the skin. Age happens, and the alternative (bring aging to a grinding halt with death) is not appealing. Accept some aches and pain, use nsaid's/tylenol to control, salonpas hot patches, strengthen the core, consider mckenzie pt (doc's rx needed). If persistent, further evaluation. Should not be life altering under most circumstances.
Find the reason. Then we could talk about the treatment, what the doctor told you, how the x-ray and other test? Let me know.

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Painful tight muscles from reverse lordosis of cervical spine?

Neck spasm. Significant muscle spasms usually will cause reversed lordosis of the neck spine. You will need an evaluation from a rehabilitation medicine specialist and probably undergo physical therapy also. Read more...
Actually the Reverse. The reversal of the cervical lordosis is most likely due to the painful, tight muscles. The question arises as to the source of the muscles acting that way. This could be a muscular strain, undelying degenerative changes, a disc herniation, spinal stenosis, to name a few examples. Read more...