Physical examination Findings Say: Cardiac Murmur 1, Location, Apex, Timing, Diastolic, Systolic ejection. WHAT Does it mean please help explain? Thanks.

Cardiac auscultation. Cardiac auscultation was born when a doctor realized he could hear the sounds the heart makes during filling , diastole, and systole, when the heart beats. Murmurs indicate abnormal heart sounds indicating valvular stenosis or regurgitation (rigid or leaky) extra heartbeats in heart failure etc. Murmurs are graded 1-5 and described by anatomical location and radiation. Google videos/ articles. .
Heart murmur. Grade one systolic ejection murmurs are often insignificant, but diastolic murmurs,even mild ones(grade 1) are usually significant for vavular disease or insufficiency. If there truly is diastolic murmur present, the next step is to undergo an echocardiogram which would detect valve abnormalities. A consultation with a cardiologist would be helpful.
Soft murmur. This means that you have a very soft murmur that occurs at the tip of your heart ( the base of the ventricles). It occurs both in contraction (systole) and relaxation (diastole). If you have had a heart cath and they did not tell you there was a problem with your valves then the murmur is likely not important.