Tested positive for neural tube defects. I had a level 2 uktrasound done and everything was normal. Should I be worried still? Why did I test positive

Screening purpose. The purpose of screening is to find problems.You do so in steps.You use a less invasive test that is not as specific to narrow down the number of people getting the more invasive or expensive specific test.If I can screen 5000 people with test one and 100 come back suspicious, I can do step 2 on that 100 to find the 2 that are true problems. Any pregnancy can have an unexpected issue at some point.

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I tested positive for neural tube defect (I'm 20 weeks). I had my level 2 ultrasound and everything is normal. Should I still be worried?

Yes. Vigilant is a better term. All tests have a certain propensity for false positive and false negative results. While the ultrasound is reassuring, don't let it bring down your guard. Remember to communicate the findings with staff at the hospital/delivery environment as well as to the NICU/well-baby staff as relevant. A focused post-partum physical exam (baby) is important. Read more...