What are the risks and benefits of having lasik surgery performed on your eyes at age twenty?

Very safe. Lasik is a very safe procedure if done on the appropriate pt. The biggest risk of the surgery is infection which is very rare as long as the pt takes the appropriate post op drops, and something called ectasia, where you can develop irregular astigmatism after the procedure. Fortunately this also is rare and is one of the things that your dr is screening for during your work up.
May Regress. If your eyes have finished growing as evidenced by three years of no change in prescription, minimal risk of regression as you get older. I do not recommend laser vision correction for anyone under 18 and the youngest I have done was 19 with three year history of prescription stability.
Your eyes may change. You may have a change in your prescription as you get older. Wait until you are 25.
Lasik. As long as your prescription is stable, you should do well. Having lasik as age 20 would give you the longest period possible without the need for glasses.

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What are the risks and benefits of lasik eye surgery?

Benefits are. easy...better vision without glasses for distance. Risks are significantly reduced with a thorough evaluation and making certain that you are a good candidate. They include infection, inflammation, over/under correction, dry eye, halos/glare. Most of these can be treated. Your eye surgeon should go over these in detail before you have your procedure and it will help guide your decision. Good luck. Read more...

Do you think I should get lasik eye surgery to fix my stigmatism? What are the risks?

It is your choice. Lasik surgery for astigmatism is done to decrease the patient's need for glasses. The only benefit is reduced reliance on glasses or contact lenses. Complications are unusual, but include loss of vision. Talk to your ophthalmologist to decide whether you wish this done. Read more...