Iam 29 year old lady and I do workouts at home and drink lots of water but been having constipation and bloating and pain in my abdomen it hurts?

Too much protein. Constipation is a sign of not having enough fiber. When people work out they do tend to consume more protein. Keep your protein intake to 52 grams a day, add plant based fiber like greens and colorful veges. With all that you do this should resolve. For now start a probiotic .
Constipation. I don't think that drinking large quantities of water causes constipation, but it can cause metabolic and electrolyte imbalance. Irritable bowel syndrome may be a cause. If you have an urge to have a bowel movement, insert a glycerin or dulcolax rectal suppository or fleets enema. See your MD if you have severe cramps or vomiting. If not take drink hot water and try senokot (senna) or dulcolax laxative.