Is vicoprofen (hydrocodone and ibuprofen) the same thing as lortabs does it have hydrocodone in it & does it work as good as lortabs do?

Vicoprofen (hydrocodone and ibuprofen) Vicoprofen (hydrocodone and ibuprofen) is hydrocodone plus ibuprofen, while lortab is hydrocodone plus acetaminphen (tylenol). The active ingredient is still hydrocodone, and the doses of the narcotic hydrocodone are usually similar.

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Does vicoprofen (hydrocodone and ibuprofen) cause dry socket after extraction?

No. A dry socket will present as intense/increasing pain typically 48 hours after a tooth extraction. It is caused by exposed bone in an area that has lost it's blood clot. Treatment is to have a medicated dressing placed into the affected area. Antibiotics will not help a dry socket. Read more...