I am 16 yrs old and recently have noticed my right eye is going lazy, thought lazy eye is something ur born with is that true, could it be brain tumor?

Yes. but it probably isn't,b4 u post any more questions about this see ur pediatrician & stop catastrophizing.
Rarely at birth. "Lazy eye" is the term for an eye which sees less well in infancy which will commonly turn out or in. This is accompanied by a reflex called suppression which prevents doubling of the vision. You may have had this when younger and now it is showing up again. Check with your mirror to see if the eyes are aligned. If not, see a pediatric ophthalmologist for evaluation.

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Born with a lazy eye 25yr old I have noticed my lazy eye returned over last week I have anxiety could this be the cause? Scared of brain tumor?

Amblyopia or "lazy . eye" is vision loss, usually in one eye, that occurs in infancy & early childhood when the brain " turns off" signals from an eye that, for 1 or more reasons, has sent blurry signals to the brain over time. If not corrected, a "lazy eye" develops some degree of permanent vision loss. Worsening vision needs evaluation by an MD who specializes in vision & eye problems, an ophthalmologist, . Read more...