Are silicone breast implants safe?

Safe and Wonderful. Good afternoon! There was some concern in the 1990s that silicone gel breast implants were causing some connective tissue and autoimmune diseases if they ruptured. Multiple subsequent studies have proven that these concerns were unfounded. Silicone gel breast implants have been on the US market for unrestricted use since 2006- and millions of women are currently enjoying them.
Silicone implants. Silicone breast implants were FDA approved in 2006. After the 1992 hysteria the Institute of Medicine wrote a "white paper" in 1999 stating that there was no causal relationship between silicone implants and diseases. There will always be "horror stories" online, but I find my breast augmentation patients with silicone (and saline) implants tend to be very happy.
The FDA says Yes!! The fda lifted the moratorium on silicone breast implants for cosmetic surgery in 2006. They have always been available throughut the rest of the world and are the most popular choice for breast augmentation.
Yes. Breast implants are the most studied device that surgeons place in a patient's body. The institute of medicine study and over 400 peer reviewed studies all show that implants are safe. If they were not, we would not put them in. It's best to speak with your board certified plastic surgeon. He/she will answer your questions.
Yes. Silicone breast implants have been shown to be safe in many recent studies. The fda has approved these implants for all patients as long as you are 22 years of age or older. There are a few other exceptions but in general, these implants are very safe and are a great alternative to saline implants.
FDA POSITION. You may also want to review the fda position statement on this subject: http://www.Fda.Gov/medicaldevices/productsandmedicalprocedures/implantsandprosthetics/breastimplants/default.Htm.
Yes. The silicone breast implant safety profile has been studied extensively by the fda and deemed to be safe for reconstructive (and aesthetic/cosmetic uses). The fda recommends an MRI after the third year and then every two years after that for routine surveillance.
Yes. Silicone implants are generally safe, and the FDA once again agrees (since 2006). (