How do I reduce swelling after liposuction of the stomach?

Swelling is normal. You are suppose to have swelling after liposuction. During the first few days the area of liposuction appears bigger than before the surgery. Around the fifth day it reaches the original size. Around 70% of the swelling is gone by four weeks. It can take four months or longer for all the swellings to be gone.
Pressure. 1. Avoid the pitfall of many patients-only drink as much as your thirst directs and avoid salt intake. You make antidiuretic hormone after surgery and retain fluids maximally for 48 hrs. 2. Wear a compressive garment as directed by your surgeon. 3. Don't sit for long periods. 4. Don't wear pants that create a tight band like a tourniquet around your waist. This includes underwear.
Here are some tips. 1. Use your compression garment faithfully. 2. Massage the area. 3. Avoid salty foods or high-salt drinks 4. Give it time.
Time. Patients who have undergone liposuction surgery should understand that time and patience are required. Although many of the modalities my colleagues have mentioned are potentially helpful, nothing replaces "tincture of time”. It may take several months before you see the final outcome of the procedure performed.